Welcome to Woman, Live!

There’s so much I want to say right here, at the very start of our relationship, but we have plenty of time for girl talk and God talk so…I’m going to try to keep this brief.

I’m really excited you’re here and I’ll tell you why in just a second. First, I want you to know that Woman, Live! is a Christian development & lifestyle blog. My mission is to demonstrate through my life and the lives of others that living a life that pleases God is the key to living your dreams! I will do that through weekly blog posts, faith action challenges, and testimonials from women just like you all over the world. My vision is that you love God & live your dreams.

In case you’re wondering who I am, my name is Brandi Hawthorne. You’re going to learn more than you ever wanted to know about me here, but first let me tell you what I know about you.


You are here because…

  • You are an answered prayer. How do I know that? Because I’ve been praying for the moment you’d arrive, not so that I can lead you, but so that I can serve you. I don’t believe in coincidences so I’m 120% certain you were lead here. If you wouldn’t mind, please introduce yourself. You’ll receive a personal response from me within 48 hours.
  • You are a seeker. A new blog pops up every second. You could be reading any of those blogs and yet you’re here. You’re seeking a deeper relationship with God. No matter what life has thrown your way, you haven’t given up on chasing after God. You know He is the key to the abundant life you are seeking.
  • You are determined.  You haven’t given up. You’re a fighter, girl! You know God has great things in store for you and you’re going to get them!
  • You are ready to jump.  The idea of sleepwalking through life keeps you awake at night (and possibly makes you want to vomit). You have to be in God’s will, doing what He created you to do, using your gifts and living the abundant life He promised or what’s the point?
  • You need support. You are ready to live the life God designed just for you but often times the people closest to you have the hardest time supporting your growth. You need a community of women who only remind you of your past to show you how far you’ve come! Woman, Live! exists to uplift you! We see the best in you and eagerly celebrate every milestone.

Woman, Live! has 6 subcategories:

What can I expect from Woman, Live!?

  • Weekly blog posts
  • Faith action challenges
  • Monthly podcasts
  • Daily encouragement via our Facebook page

Exclusive goodies when you subscribe include:

  • A FREE 20+ page Abundant Life Journal
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Thank you for saying hello! I can’t wait to get to know you better! I pray that Woman, Live! is a blessing to you and your family.


Go Live!