7 Quotes from John Gray to Get You in Formation


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News flash: I haven’t run across a woman with no talent. You haven’t either. God has given all of us gifts (1 Peter 4:10).  The woman with nothing to offer, haven’t met her. Won’t ever meet her. But, you know what I meet ALL. OF. THE. TIME? 


I make them. You make them. They sound so pitiful and ridiculous coming out of someone else’s mouth, yet we somehow think ours sound better.

They don’t.

Just like you see right through others’ excuses, they see right through yours. And, usually, what they see is FEAR. 

Whenever I’m feeling extra pitiful, I like to go to my no nonsense peeps that jack me up with the gospel truth. And, John Gray is one of those peeps! He hasn’t personally met me, but he will! (You gotta speak it into existence, ladies! Don’t be scared!)

So, in case you’re like me, and make excuses, John Gray & I are teaming up (He doesn’t know it, but we are!) to set those babies on fire! You ready? Let’s go! (Quotes are John’s from the 212 Conference at Redemption World Outreach Church, commentary is mine.)

“Jesus did not choose the top 12 religious minds of his day. He chose regular people w/ real issues and real passion who wanted to touch a real God in a real way.”


  • Are you a regular person?
  • Is any part of your life jacked up?
  • Do you love Jesus?
  • Are you ready to put down your former life and follow Jesus?

Well then, you’re ret-ta-go! All that stuff you think you need, forget about it. I’ve found that what people think they need, they don’t need –  like a new computer, logo, headshots, car, wardrobe, degree, hair do, abs, you get the picture. And, what they think they don’t need, they actually need – like daily Bible reading, constant prayer, an attitude adjustment, a Christian development & lifestyle coach (ahem!), ya know.

Someone is currently battling something you conquered last week and they need to see that you made it and hear how you made it because if you made it, just maybe they can make it, too. You can share your testimony or ask our tribe a question right here!

But, you’re twiddling your thumbs over your home office not looking like so-and-so’s home office and not owning a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and tripod. Turn on a lamp, clear a space on the couch, pull out your iPhone5 and get to work, girl!

“Some of y’all are waiting to get free before you’ll praise. No, take your chains with you. I still got chains but I’m gonna run! I got issues and I’m not all the way there but I see Jesus!” 

Do you suffer from the when-then syndrome?

“When I _________, then I’ll _________.”

When I lose weight, I’ll start networking. When I become a morning person, I’ll start my own business.

What’s your excuse?

Yes, I said excuse. I make them. You make them. Admission is the first step to victory.

Waiting for perfect conditions is a tactic of the devil because while we’re getting all of our ducks in a row, he’s going through someone’s life like a tornado, demolishing their foundation. And, here’s the trick, experience is the best teacher. I’ve learned more by jumping into action than any book or class ever taught me.

God helps those who help themselves. When you decided to go all-in, God honors your faith and He helps you. I flunked out of college and even though I was allowed to return, I was fighting to obtain a GPA high enough to be eligible for graduation. I noticed a young lady skipping class, turning in late work, working 40+ hours a week to pay for school, and doing all the things that got me kicked out. One night when we were both working late in the computer lab, I shared my story with her – a story full of shame and embarrassment. No one knew the battle I faced, but I decided to tell her because her degree was more important than my ego and pride.

I didn’t know how that semester was going to end, but I praised God while I was chained up. I helped someone else with shackles on my own wrist and ankles. And, I’m happy to say I graduated and so did she. God is good…

“May the Lord take my life or my microphone if I ever compromise the gospel to please people. I don’t need a crowd. I need the Holy Ghost. People will leave you. You better preach this book.”

People have become hostile toward the gospel. Living according to the Bible is actually frowned upon. And, if you’re not a confrontational person, it can be scary standing up for your beliefs.

Sidenote: Did you hear about Christian Mingle being sued for not helping homosexuals search for love on their dating site? Girrrrllll….I’ll let Kim Bright, editor of Team Jesus Magazine, tell you ALL about that here!

Personally, I don’t think God wants us to constantly debate over His Word. I didn’t see Jesus running around arguing with people. God gives us a choice: life or death (Deut. 30:15-20). As Christians we are to scatter seed. God is responsible for making it grow. So, while I will occasionally comment in my effort to “scatter seed”, I try not to let my blood boil when people argue God’s Word because I don’t want to act unbecoming of a Christian.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in Aliya Levinson’s Video Visibility Challenge. She said something that stuck with me. She said,

“If you aren’t authentically you, you will attract people who aren’t your ideal clients. And, you’ll have to remain fake to keep them. You’ll be miserable creating products for them because they were attracted to who you pretended to be instead of who you truly are.”

That is certainly NOT the dream, okay!

Although I want everybody and their momma to fall in love with Woman, Live! I do not want people here who do not love it and love Jesus. I want to be politically correct and I don’t want to offend people, but God created a fine line between not offending others but living in and speaking truth. As kind as I want to be, I was created to give God glory. And, though I want to be the most liked blogger and coach EVER, I want to please God more.

I love the support everyone gave Chick-fil-A when they spoke out against homosexuality. Christians banned together to make sure Chick-Fil-A wasn’t hurting from anyone in the WORLD taking their service elsewhere. I wish this would happen with every organization who stands up for God’s standards. Maybe one day it will…

“Jesus chose those who are humble enough to say I’m broken but if there’s anything you can use in me, please do.”

There’s nothing wrong with being broken. We are so quick to say, “I’m not perfect, but…” yet, we can’t have a real conversation about our real struggles. Pretending to be “fine” compounds our situations because it doesn’t allow for us to get the prayers and support we need. God can’t do much with a lie. Be honest and allow Him to use you.

P.S. I hate the “I’m not perfect, but” preface. Who thought you were perfect? Slap them.

“Jesus chose people who know how to wake up early and stay up late.”

Jesus doesn’t halfstep. Either you’re in or you’re out. He doesn’t wait up for you. He had people to heal, lessons to teach, and a death to die. My mom said something the other day that made me pause. Referencing 1 Cor. 9:24, she said,

“We’re supposed to be just like athletes. They deny themselves of food they want. They commit to working out whether they feel like it or not. Have you seen Misty Copeland’s toes? They’re bruised and bloody so that she can dance beautifully. Are we going after God so hard that it hurts?”

Yeah, let that sink in real good. My momma is wise, y’all! 

“Some people like you better broken. They’re scared of you getting free. They’re afraid that if you realize who you are, you will never be the same. They’re terrified that you will get free.”

I actually grapple with this. I just wonder, “Why? Why would someone prefer you to be broken, stuck and bitter?” Then, I realize that competition and envy are real. I really want to give this more thought and dedicate an entire post to this topic because I have been on both sides of this quarter.

And, as a millennial, I realize we all need a little more hand-holding as we find our way.

In the meantime, I’ll share that I always ask God to send the people He wants me to have relationship with and to remove those who mean me harm, intentionally or unintentionally.

“The impossible is possible and it’s heading to your house.”

We’re living in such a unique time, a time where the sky really is the limit. You can self-publish your own book (which my sister Holly Rustick just did!), upload a video on social media and become semi-famous, or sing on YouTube and land a record deal.

My grandmother used to always talk about the world ending. I’d grimace and silently pray, “Lord, please say it ain’t so!!!” Every time it was hot in the winter or cold in the summer, Jesus was on His way to part the clouds. Oh, Grandma! 🙂

While Jesus’ return can’t be predicted no matter how wise or in the know you are, I can tell you that the time to live for Jesus is now! I’ve almost streamlined my social media feeds to only see wholesome material. *Almost* I love seeing people reppin’ Jesus on my timeline through sharing testimonies, singing, preaching, etc.

Just like I choose who to follow and unfollow, we have a choice in what conversation to take part in, whether we complain or praise, worry or pray, hold grudges or apply grace…

Do what God’s teaching says; don’t just listen and do nothing. When you only sit and listen, you are fooling yourselves. (James 1:22)

You’ve READ, now it’s time to DO.

Excuses are like an addiction.

We, the addicts, think it’s not that big of a deal, we can stop cold turkey whenever we want, blah blah.

But others see our chronic use of excuses and know that it’s a lot deeper than that.

5 years ago, where did you say you wanted to be? Go back and read an old journal entry or look at an old vision board.

Are there any goals that you fell short of? Are these goals you set year after year?

It’s time to get help.

Share your excuse/struggle in the comments so we can offer some Godly wisdom, tips, tools, and resources to you. If you’d rather send an email, do it! (info@womanlive.me)


Woman, Live! 



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