A Sneak Peak Inside the Life of Single Mom Turned Author, Holly Rustick

I reached out to our Woman, Live! Goes LIVE guest speaker, Holly Rustick, so that you ladies would feel like you know her prior to her live session on our Facebook page.

Her answers will make you think a lot about your own life: your goals, your faith & your next move! So make sure that you tune in tonight to her Holly share her story with you.

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1.      When is the first time you felt the desire to become an author?

I’ve become very interested in writing books since about 2006. Before that I wrote mostly poetry and discovered my gift and passion for writing when I was in high school.

2.      When did you say, “Ok. I’m doing this.”?

Wow, it seems like I have said this many times. But, when I really committed to writing the entire book was in 2014. At this point in time, I looked at an end date of when I wanted it to be done, and then figured out how many words I needed to write per day to meet my goal. This was life changing. Of course, I needed support along the way and will talk about what type of support I leveraged.

3.      In hindsight, is there anything you would do differently to prepare for this leap of faith?

My leap of faith has been on a continual basis. It’s like I keep leaping from one place to the next and it feels natural now. Looking back, I really wished I hadn’t waited so long to build my self-confidence, but I really don’t like to think of “would haves” and “should haves” as that could just frustrate me!

4.      What’s your favorite part/chapter of your novel?

Now that is a hard question. I really like some of the more intense chapters that are written a little more poetically, but I actually really like the end. I feel like it enables a moment of catharsis for the reader to finally exhale.

5.      You’re a single mom and entrepreneur living abroad with Hashimoto’s disease. While I think these factors add to your awesome-ness, some people use their circumstances as excuses. How did you let your struggles inspire you rather than distract and delay you?

The struggles are real. I remember when I was doing some teaching and I said, “I’m tired of people telling me this makes me stronger – I don’t need to be any stronger.” I think that feeling, and sort of thinking, was when I had really changed. Because, yes, heartache or being in the trenches, will make you stronger. I get that. But, there comes a point when you are ready to be strong in a different way. My struggles inspired me to change. I was at the point where I needed to stop being reminded of the past and to forge into my future. I had been consumed with my past and my stressful circumstances and had been victimizing myself. I don’t get child support…I’m living paycheck to paycheck…I don’t have anyone to help around the house and with Bella…I don’t feel well all the time…I don’t have anyone to really share life with. I could’ve been stuck there as people really feed into that and say things like, “Poor you, you will find someone” and you just want to slap them. But when I realized that I am the one to change my life and I am strong enough to change it. I can’t control what other people do or support, so why obsess about something I can’t control? What I can control is how much money I can earn, finding ways to get help, educating myself on wellness and nutrition, and surrounding myself with positive people. When I finally was like, “Flip this, I am ready to LIVE,” was when I stepped into change. I quit my insanely stressful job and decided to trust God. It really is the believing and thinking behind it all! That victim mentality held me back for a looooong time, but not any longer!

6.      You can invite 5 people to dinner, any 5 people you’d like. Who’s at the dinner table with you?

Only five? LOL. Okay, I would have to say…

J.K. Rowling, because she is the richest woman in the world, an author, and her beginning of writing is very similar to my own.

Leonardo da Vinci, because he was brilliant, an inventor, and forward thinker.

Mother Mary, because I would love to hear her story from her.

Oprah, because she’s Oprah!

My future husband, because of course I need to meet him and I would need someone to always talk to about this amazing dinner.

7.      Where do you want to be 1 year from now?

I want all my debt to be paid off, to be investing money, and to be a best-selling author with my second book finished and working with an agent and producing my first movie.

8. What should the Woman, Live! Tribe expect to hear from you on August 23rd at 8PM EST? 

I am going to be sharing about my journey, specifically over the last couple of years; where I have gotten to where I am at, what struggles I have overcome, and what is in store next. Plus, I will be talking about my new novel, Handful of Smoke.

On August 23rd @ 8PM EST, author, Holly Rustick, is going live on our Facebook page! She will be sharing how she decided to take the leap and embrace the way God designed her!

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But first, Holly created a worksheet for you to follow along & jot down notes when you have your own ah-ha moments!

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