Don’t be petty. Be peculiar.

So, I’m working the drive-thru window at the pharmacy (which is why my nose is red and snotty now — ugh!) and a customer pulls up.

She has a prescription to drop-off. So, I begin to ask for her name and DOB. After checking our inventory I said…

“We only have 10 tablets and that’s not enough to fill your prescription. Is this something you’ll need right away?” 

“I just want to know the price.” 

“Oh, you just want to know the price? Sure.”

*types in medication & quantity*

“It’s going to be $124.34”

“Is that with my insurance?”

“No ma’am. That’s the cash price.”

“I want to know the price with my insurance.”

“I don’t mean no harm, but the white girls always give me the price.”

“Ma’am, I can’t process your script here at the drive-thru, but I can call you with the price.”

“I don’t want no contact.”


“The white girls always give me the price on my insurance. I don’t want nobody contacting me.”

“Okay. We will process it and c–, well, I guess we’ll tell you the price when you come back later.” 

*closes window*

*customer blows horn*

“May I speak with your supervisor?”


She goes on to tell the pharmacist that she doesn’t mean to be racist, but the white ladies always give her the price. The pharmacist tells her that she can come inside, but we try not to hold up other cars at the drive-thru.

“Thank you so much. Why couldn’t she just tell me that?”

After her script was processed, a tech called the number in her profile.

“Thank you so much. If you all already had my number, why she was asking for it? I’m a woman of color and I can’t believe she closed the window on me. If she can’t do her job, y’all need to find someone who can…..”

Why am I sharing this?

Tree reasons….tree.

1. Be easy to talk to. 

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. If a person is agitated, they become hard to talk to because they can blow up at any moment. I know that there are good people in the world. I meet them all of the time and I’m one of them. When you’re kind to a person, they will often bend over backwards to serve you. But, when you begin to get nasty, people withdraw because they are trying to remain professional and they need to protect their joy and peace because they have 5 more hours of the workday left and they want to give excellent service to each and every customer. Customers come through the drive-thru with extra needs all of the time. They have kids in the car, they’re sick, their insurance is acting up, etc. I told one guy to pull over and rest with the window cracked and I would holler for him when his script was ready. I sped his script along so that I could get it to him as quickly as possible and he was super appreciative. I wish I could have delivered an excellent customer service experience to this lady, but she was determined to be difficult.

2. Expect the best.

So, I guess the same way she was appalled that her sister would close the window in her face. I was also appalled that my sister would show out on me the way she did. Asking for my supervisor? Why can’t we call you in 5-10 mins. with the price?  The most patient, kindest person can’t help you when you are determined to be hard to deal with. But, even through difficulty, we are called to love each other. That is the proof that we really belong to Christ. What she didn’t know was that we ask the preferred number because people may have an out-of-date number in their profile or there may be another number that they prefer to be reached on while we are processing their script. What she also didn’t know is that everyone was wondering, “Who is this chick?”…I was praying for whatever was making her so 

3. Woman, Live!’s middle name is Sisterhood.
Anytime I mention a sister feud to Travis, he always says the same thing, “Women just can’t get along.” The devil is a lie! I know that women have a rep for being catty, gossiping about one another, being overly emotional and easily offended. I am well aware. I am also aware that with God ALL things are possible. Amen, ladies? Whatever God has done for me, He can do for you. Whatever I’m praying for, I don’t mind throwing your name in the mix. It hasn’t always been this way. There are many times where Travis has asked me, “How does this affect you?” To which I have to answer, “It doesn’t. I’m wrong. Thanks.” So, I’m not telling you to do something I’m not willing to do myself. 

Repeat after me:

I am not petty. I am peculiar.

I am not like the world. I am like Christ.

Being a member of this tribe means that you are dedicated to being Christ for your sister. You support her. You tell her the truth in love. You pray for her BEST and help her achieve it.

We’re not acting like fools with no home-training ladies. If there’s an issue, let’s talk it out. But, we will love each other!

If you’re thinking, “Wow! This is the group of women I need to be a part of!” I have 3 things I want you to do:

Step #1 – join our online accountability group. Amazing things are happening!

Step #2 – Share the Petty/Peculiar graphic (shown above). I guarantee you there are women in your social media circles who are looking for loving, mature, genuine sisters. Let them know where they can go to find them.

Step #3 – Share your “How do you lead?” story with your friends/family/fans & followers. Read mine here.

Now, I want to hear from you.

How can you be a better sister?

I respond to every comment! 

I love you girls! 


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5 Ways You May Be Lingering & How It’s Wrecking Your Destiny



Lingering (adj.): Lasting for a long time or slow to end.

Last night, I went to bed early (completely by accident).

This morning, my alarm went off at 5:15 AM…in the kitchen.

Rolls back over and drifts off.

Then, it went off again.

Sits up and looks at bedroom clock…


Lays back down and wonder how in the world did I fall asleep at 10PM????

Knowing I could get up and I should get up…I lay back down. Alarm goes off again. 5:25.

Brandi, you’re not even sleepy….just get up.

Finally, I got up at 5:30.

All that lingering for nothing…hmph. Once I got out of the bed, cracked open my Bible, and begin to think about my day, I realized that my 15 minute debate with myself was a snapshot of how I had handled other, bigger situations in my life. Ya know, knowing what I should do, but laying there doing the wrong thing over and over again. I begin to think about all the ways we linger… [Read more…]