Awww! You came to meet me! I knew you loved me!


Hi! I’m Brandi Hawthorne — wife to a hilarious guy who happens to be my best friend, mother to two cute & cuddly girls, Christian Development & Lifestyle coach, international Christian blogger, God’s champion & your cheerleader.

I created this blog because God asked me to tell others about Him. There’s nothing new under the sun, as my grandma used to say, so, chances are, several women in this tribe have experienced or are currently going through what you’re going through. If we’d stop pretending we’re so different, we’d be able to relate to one another, learn from each other’s mistakes, and cheer each other on. That’s really the heart of this blog — women encouraging each other to love God and live their dreams.

God has pursued me all of my life. And, I’d stop every once in a while to see what He wanted, but then I’d start back running again…trying to pursue what I thought would bring me happiness. In 2012, I stopped running from Him, turned around, and started chasing Him. I’m not a teacher or preacher. I can’t quote scripture verbatim (although I would LOVE to!). And, I’m not religious. I’m just a fun, southern girl who loves Jesus.

I’ve seen Him heal broken hearts, restore relationships, bring peace to chaotic situations, and make dreams come true. He takes everything that was meant to destroy you and uses it to bless you. And, He doesn’t give cheap gifts. When He blesses you, it’s always more than you could have ever imagined. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’re not saved, say and believe this prayer with me and voilà!, you will live eternity in Heaven with Jesus (and me)!

But, what about life here on Earth?

Living a joyous and fulfilling life here on Earth requires you to put your faith into action. That simply means, you have to do what you say you believe.

Woman, Live! is here to help you do that!

I’m quite the social butterfly, so I’d love to meet up, give you a big hug and hear all about your story. In the meantime, you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Love & Hugs!Your Christian Development & Lifestyle Coach,