3 Hours For A Successful Day


I love walking out of my house with a calm head. Warm coffee mug in my hand (filled with hot chocolate, of course) or an ice cold water bottle filled with some sort of fruit-infused water. One bag on my arm (or no bag at all). Lunch bag packed with a healthy breakfast and/or lunch (plus snacks). Mind and heart already filled with God’s Word. Hubby’s lips warm with a morning kiss and heart filled with uplifting words. Kids’ hearts ready for the day, fresh scripture and affirmations on their lips. Kitchen sink empty and clean. Beds made. 100% ready to conquer the day.

My husband always jokes about mornings portrayed in TV shows, “How were they waking up with the sun streaming through their windows? If the sun is out, I’m going to be late!”

A relaxed, cheerful, organized, non-rushed morning may seemΒ extremely far-fetched, but I’ve had many before and know that with a little work and commitment, they are possible.

Disclaimer: The schedule I’m suggesting will vary depending on what your morning needs are. So, make it work for you. If figuring out how to make it work for you is your struggle, then share that in the comments. (I’ll respond with a solution.) If you need a more in-depth morning schedule, schedule a Power Hour Call with me.

In order for me to walk out of the house with a bounce in my step, nightly preparation is a must. Little things trip me up in the mornings like removing rubber bands from my daughters’ ponytails, not finding my keys, forgetting what I was going to prepare for lunch, etc.

(I’ll make a post about that later.)

So, my ideal morning includes:

  • a sweaty workout (because I am just TOO done at night. DONE.)
  • a hot shower
  • quality time with God (reading the Bible, meditating on what I read, and journaling about what He’s teaching me)
  • re-writing my goals
  • getting dressed (in ironed clothes – yes, that needs to be said)
  • cute hairstyle, simple make-up/hair, stud earrings
  • breakfast to go (either pre-made or simple to make)
  • girls’ hair (prepped the night before)
  • out the door by 7:15
  • *conversation/laughs/reminders/kisses with hubby throughout the morning & before he leaves

This may seem like a lot, but they’re things I end up doing in the evening anyway. So, I’m trading staying up late (and feeling exhausted in the morning) for waking up early, setting up my day for success, less stress and more relaxation in the evenings and a good night’s rest. Sounds like a pretty good trade-off to me.

I’m including what I consider to be the most important components of my day in the first 3 hours so they’re sure to get done.

I’m setting up my day to align with my goals (i.e., packing a healthy breakfast and lunch), so no more of the “I forgot my lunch and I’m trying to save money so fast food it is” excuse.

So, with hubby making the bed, cooking breakfast & washing the dishes, this is what I’m planning for:

5:00 – Workout

5:50 – Shower

6:10 – Bible Reading/Journaling/Meditating/Re-writing Goals

6:40 – Get dressed

7:00 – Girls’ hair

7:15 – Walk out the door

I’ll tweak these as I see fit. And, I’ll keep you guys posted via daily snapshots on my personal IG page.

Share your ideal morning schedule below!

Praying for my success and yours….

Your Christian development & lifestyle coach,



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