Pride Makes Excuses; Humility Makes Adjustments

You don’t trust yourself because you know you.

You’ll go back on your word in a split second.

Even when you really wanted to follow through…

You know you’ll never get there if you continue wasting time.

But, bad habits are easy to form and hard to break.

And, the good habits don’t stick.

Not like they should.

The motivation isn’t enough anymore.

Your brand new planner isn’t helping.

The procrastination is at an all-time high.

And, so are the stakes…

And, so is your fear.

There’s no more excuses.

There’s just…you.

Afraid to move forward, terrified to stand still.

A calling so great for someone so unsure and flawed.

But, He saw the need then created you.

No returns. No refunds.

So, what now?

Put on this garment that’s 3 sizes too big.

Let them screenshot and laugh as you trip up in it.

Hiding and agonizing about how to make it fit, there’s no alterations you must grow into it.


All that you are is enough.

But, who you are isn’t you, Caterpillar.

And, yet only caterpillars can become butterflies.

So, don’t despise your beginning.

It’s cliche but…you’re winning.

Cease complaining and begin changing.

There are no shortcuts to your transformation.

Just you and your creator and…

The wisdom and lessons inside of people who look like you that your pride won’t allow you to tap into.


Your lonesome won’t do. There’s not enough time to learn what they could have taught you.


Focus on being and less on doing.

The view will be different when you’re flying into to.


The world is screaming for a strut when God is wrestling for a limp.


The world is screaming you deserve it but later your tears will ask was it worth it.


Your circle is pulling you back down the mountain.


Your plate is full and you don’t even like it.


You’re holding grudges on people you were created to serve.


Your see-saw won’t move if you don’t allow someone to look you in the eye.


It’s time to stop faking it and really make it.


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