[2018] February Goals

bp_feb goals

Hey ladies!

This year I decided I want to share my monthly goals & results with you all. And, Jan. was quite an eye-opener month. But, that’s good because setting and not fulfilling goals is the norm. So, chances are high that the mistakes I made last month are the same mistakes you’ve been making. So, now, let’s take some time to figure out what happened, fix it, and move forward. Deal?

Alright, here goes.

Biz Goals: 

  • Reach 417 women (Which means they like the WL Facebook page OR better yet, they subscribe to the WL email listReached 19 women. 
  • Fill all 12 spots pro-bono coaching sessions. {Click here to sign up.} Of the 6 sign-ups, 1 wasn’t a good fit, 4 haven’t responded and I need to notify 1.
  • Help 8 women with 1 specific issue of their choosing. {Click here to schedule a Power Hour Call.} No calls were scheduled.
  • Successfully launch, promote & sale my new self-mastery product. (Not sure what success looks like, yet.) Product launch post-poned.
  • Schedule meeting with business mentor Complete! 

Personal Goals: 

  • Lose 10 lbs. (Workout 6 days/week & meal-prep) Lost 4 lbs.
  • Bible Reading every morning Read 14/30 days
  • Pay off lowest bill ($200) Forgot about this goal
  • Organize office Forgot about this goal
  • Choose paint color for living room Forgot about this goal

When I opened January’s goal post, my eyes doubled in size. I forgot almost half of the goals I wrote down. Lesson: Review & rewrite goals every morning. 

Of the 200+ women who have subscribed to my email list, only a handful of them are opening and reading the emails. So, when I attempt to provide services only for tribe members, I’m seeing a low response because I have a low open rate. At this time, I don’t have the following to reserve products/services to the email list only. So, opening it up to the general public is a must. (See Feb. Biz Goals)

I also realized that other than daily posting on social media networks, I had not created a plan for growth. Bringing in 400+ new followers/month isn’t small potatoes. And, yet, I approached it as if it was.

So, February’s goals are as follows:

Biz Goals: 

  • Create (and implement) a marketing plan that reaches 5000 women this year (via likes and/or subscriptions)
  • Combating the low-open rate for email list
  • Successfully launch, promote & sale my new self-mastery product.
  • Book 1 speaking gig

Personal Goals (repeat of Jan’s personal goals): 

  • Lose 10 lbs. (Workout 6 days/week & meal-prep)
  • Bible Reading every morning
  • Pay off lowest bill ($200)
  • Organize office
  • Choose paint color for living room

If your January looked anything like mine, don’t let that deter you from rocking 2018. Review and rewrite your goals every morning so they remain top-of-mind. And, keep going. Even if I only lost 4 lbs./month, I’d still finish the year 48 lbs. lighter. Let’s eliminate the need to do it perfectly while continuing to strive for greater progress.

How’d your January goals go? Share your progress in the comments below! 


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