You Were Born for First Place {Recap of Centered}


Yesterday, leadership coach, Angela Pride of When Women Lead and I partnered to host an event called Centered. Angela and I believe that you can have a good life apart from Christ, but you weren’t created for “a good life”. Whatever you believe is good, God has infinitely more in store for you. We created a half-day workshop to teach Christian women how to create a new normal. When things have been the way they’ve been for so long, we often adjust our standards. The things we once wished and hoped for we no longer wish and hope for. We put off the feeling of frustration for a false feeling of satisfaction. Angela and I wanted to ruffle the feathers of contentment for anything less than what God had for these ladies. And, feathers were ruffled.

While the ladies were enjoying their breakfast, Angela Pride’s oldest daughter, Brionah Pride, serenaded us with a timeless classic My Redeemer Lives. There were 5 sessions total with Angela and I alternating teaching during sessions 1-4 and teaching session 5 together.

The topics included Purpose & Glory, Balance & Boundaries, Female Allies, Ministry & Business, and lastly Strategic Practices where we answered any questions and prayed for those who had prayer requests.

It was important that we shared new information the ladies had not heard before as well as make explain “common” information in a way that was applicable.

Here’s what some of the ladies had to say:


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If Centered could be summed up in one quote, it would be:

The greatest hindrance to your goal is not adversity, but a clear path to a lesser goal.

When a woman becomes pregnant, there are lots of highs and lows but there’s only 1 way to have a healthy baby and that’s carrying that baby to term. There’s nothing you can do to speed up those 9 months. You can lessen the unpleasurable symptoms, but there’s no shortcut. If your goal is to have a baby, the adversity is simply a part of the process. You expect it. You endure it.

But, what if someone came up and said, “I know you want to be a mother, but look at what you’re going through. But, check out this house over here. No down payment. No credit or low credit? No problem. And, did I mention low monthly payments.”

Would you make the trade?



It’s not even a comparable trade, but then our wheels begin to turn…

We could always have a baby later. Our rent is more than our mortgage payment would be. Just think of the money we could save. Can you imagine how beautiful our new nursery is going to look with those new hardwood floors?

That’s what we do every time we forfeit God’s plan because of the discipline and the maturity needed to fulfill it. We forfeit birthing our purpose time and time again as we beeline towards something that’s good. Good isn’t God’s best for you. He didn’t see a so-so life and say, “Let me start forming Stacy in Theresa’s womb for this right here.”

Remember that your wildest dreams are small to Him. That’s not to say they’re unimportant. That’s not to say they aren’t good. But, they aren’t you in full-bloom. They aren’t the you you were born to become. They’re 3rd place in a race with Usain Bolt. And, Sis, you were born for first place.

Angela and I don’t want you to have anย almost life. When you breathe your last breath, like Jesus, we want you to be able to say, “I glorified you on earth by completing down to the last detailย what you assigned me to do.” (John 17:4, MSG)

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Your Christian Development & Life Coach,


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