Call It By It’s Name

I’ve been struggling, y’all.

Head falling forward while reading, sad pity parties, and threatening to give it all up.

Watching my husband’s mouth turn downward and eyebrows furrow in confusion when I said, “It’s too much,” only made me feel more pathetic than I already felt.

“Take a break,” he and my sister suggested.

“How?!” I asked indignantly, finally feeling the weight of how helpless I felt.

And, then, one morning, right on cue, God spoke.

I ended up listening to two podcast episodes, from two different people, on physically preparing for a speaking tour and blogger automation tools.

If I weren’t a woman of faith, it’d have gone right over my head. I would have been wowed by his protein smoothie and bored by her tech talk. But, I’m always listening for God and so I chuckled instead.

I felt comfort and strength growing inside of my weary body and exhausted mind and so

I gave my plight a name: Assignment













If you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, this is what you prayed for.

You’re the answer, Sis. 

You didn’t envision it quite this way, right? You thought you’d just break open your gifts, bless the masses and take a bow as God says, “Well done, daughter.”

But, the work that makes you forget to eat lunch (yes, that’s really a thing!) is a small part of your calling. It’s the layer of chocolate over a mound of authenticity. You ready to tell the real story? It’s a layer of chocolate over the nights of research. Millionaires and thought-leaders know their industry frontwards and backwards. What do you know about yours? It’s a layer of chocolate over moments of this thing is going to kill me.

Mountain climbing is one of the most dangerous activities you can do. And, many who started up have already repelled down.

Now it’s your turn.

Your turn to show this mountain who sent you. Your turn to show this mountain what you’re made of. Your turn to forget everything and everybody who said it can’t be done, tap into everything that was there before you took your first breath, figure out how to use it, and feed it back to the others below who are courageous enough to climb it with you.

So, who are you climbing for? And, what do they need you to throw down to help them make it up? 


I’m climbing for you, Mama!

When I began Woman, Live!, like most blogger newbies, I wrote about whatever I felt like writing about. I grew the readership haphazardly.

When Woman, Live! became a registered business, I made some small changes, but mostly I continued in a whatever I feel like doing manner while wishing and hoping for massive results.

Have you ever done this?

Vowed you’d keep a bigger, nicer home clean only to realize you took your apartment/condo habits with you?

Thought you’d be a much better employee at your next job, arrive early and jumpstart your day? But, you still hit snooze a good 10 times before peeling yourself out of bed?

Yeah, me, too.

I thought Woman, Live! would become a lucrative business within 365 days. I don’t know what day it is, but lucrative does not describe my bank account…at all. I’m just keeping it 100. (I hope you didn’t read that 100. It’s one hunnid, y’all. One hun-nid.)

But, despite my desire to help everybody and their momma literally, the experts kept saying, “Nooooooo.”

That made absolutely no sense to me.  Why not help everyone you can? But, then I realized that in my effort to help every woman, I was unintentionally hurting my woman.


If everything is a focus, nothing is a focus. -Bruce Herwig

The drive to want to help everyone is a beautiful notion. The problem is you can be 10x more helpful if you choose one audience to focus on.

After hemming and hawing, I did the work to identify who she was. What I found out was by reviewing my website/social media demographics and doing some homework given to me by my mentors is that she’s a millennial/xennial mompreneur.

And, I can write for all women. But, when I write for all women, she’s only getting a small percentage of my focus. In fact, everybody was getting a paragraph of helpful information instead of a full page.

What does that mean for those outside of the millennial/xennial generations? 

If you’re younger or older than our target audience and you’re still here, you’re home! There’s one woman who comes to mind immediately. She’s said many times that she feels too young & happening for her age group. She didn’t use those words, but basically she was letting us know, “I’m aware I’m older than you, but I feel like I’m just as young and full of life and relevant as you are so don’t be alarmed that I’m hanging out whenever I can!” We’re her people and we love her dearly!

So, this isn’t a chuck up the dueces kind of moment. This is God giving me a clearer picture on what He’s called me to do and who He has called me to serve.

Do you know any millenian/xennial moms that delight in Christ and believes He will give them the desires of their heart?

If so, tell them about Woman, Live!

When they subscribe to our email list, they’ll receive an Abundant Life Journal which kept me believing what God said when 1) my life looked nothing like it and 2) Satan was very loudly whispering something else altogether.

I want every millenial/xennial mom to know that whatever you thought the devil was hurling your way just to watch you trip over it again and again, it’s your assignment.

You were assigned this mountain.

Don’t attempt to scale it alone.

You have a group of women, starting still on the ground, and some a few feet ahead. We’re ready to pray with you, throw down ropes for you, and share our snacks with you.

You coming?

One Reply to “Call It By It’s Name”

  1. We love this! Thanks for sharing. It’s so true that many people feel out of their time, or don’t feel exactly like their own generation, or feel like the stand out in their immediate context, whatever that is – and the truth you’ve nailed is that some messages are relevant to everyone! Our blog is all written by Millennials about Millennials – but we were pleasantly surprised at how many people from other generations wanted to join the journey and speak into our lives!

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