Why I Feel Pretty Is Entering My “I Got This” Arsenal

i feel pretty bp

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The Woman, Live! Greenville meet-up was gifted free passes to watch the screening of I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer & an actor/comedian from my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, Rory Scovel.

Look at us! Getting free tickets and stuff!

I was beyond excited to treat the ladies to a FREE Friday night movie for themselves and a friend because being a part of this tribe should yield amazing perks! So, it was definitely a milestone moment for me as the founder of Woman, Live!

I was also excited for the ladies to have some me-time, a good laugh, and receive a surge of confidence.

I knew I’d love the movie as soon as I watched the trailer.

I love movies where people become the best version of themselves. Devil Wears Prada, Rudy, Pursuit of Happyness, and Men of Honor are all personal favorites.

These movies are all a part of my I Got This arsenal. And, I Feel Pretty has now joined the ranks because my #1 takeaway was that I am enough just as I am.

Now you all know (or should know) that I am the QUEEN of personal development. I love learning new ways to enhance the quality of my life. I am never of the persuasion that I don’t have room for growth. And, sometimes my pursuit of excellence morphs into I am not good enough as I am.

Does that happen to you, too?

It’s like contentment verses complacency. There are people who always want the next thing and there are people who are 100% okay with things remaining just as they are. The subtle difference is moving as God directs  whether you’re seeking that thing or not.

And, so, I fall into these when I become this…. or when I get that… then I’ll be _______. 

And, that’s not healthy or accurate because God formed me with everything I need already on the inside. So, I am already adequate. And, because I am His child, I am worthy of who He has created me to be and for everything He has in store for me. It’s not when I can beat my face. It’s not when my wardrobe improves. And, it’s not I am my ideal weight.

Renee, Amy Schumer’s character, reminded me that I can work on being the best version of myself from a standpoint of you are… instead of one day you will be….

We are spirits having a human experience. Everything people can see is an just an accessory. But, our laughter, our thoughts, our behavior, our words…that’s who we truly are.

So, I encourage you to add this blog post and Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty to your I Got This arsenal.

Repeat after me:

I am worthy. 

I am enough. 

I am a gift to the world. 

The goals you’ve set for yourself and the promises God has written for you and spoken to you, keep pressing your way forward! In fact, I’d love for you to join our private accountability group! But, while you’re striving, I want you to know that you’re all that and a bag of chips right now. You’re the apple of His eye right now. He’d die for you again right now. You’re amazing right now. 

Your Life Coach,


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