The Debt Snowball Has Begun!


This past week, Travis and I paid off the first credit card in our debt snowball. I see you smiling, clapping, and saying, “You go, girl!” So, thank you! Thank you!

I’m so excited about our lil’ baby snowball! I couldn’t wait to enter my debit information and click pay. This credit card is solely mine, but it’s included in our monthly bills that Travis and I split. The original plan was for him to log in to pay the monthly minimum and that big ZERO BALANCE hit him! But, I was too excited to keep it to myself! So, while it was a tiny debt (monthly payment $25), it’s still extra money we can put toward our 2nd credit card (which is much larger).

Because I had been looking forward to zeroing out my balance, I was a little shocked when I hesitated to make the entire payment. I just started a new job 2 weeks ago. (I could kick myself for not making that move sooner! OMG! When we know better, we do better.) And, my paycheck was more than it’s been in a LONG, long, long, long, long time! So, I had a few chest pains before I finally hit pay. Wasn’t expecting that…

Honestly, right now….I’m in this twilight zone of what I learned about money and career and success growing up (and well into adulthood….like well into adulthood) and what I’m learning now. It’s night and day. It’s a true scratch your head, WTW, squint your eye kind of epiphany that I’m experiencing.

Have you ever felt like, “You mean, THIS is possible? And, has been possible all this time?”

And, I do realize we are living in an incredible time where the message of you can create your future and the tools to do so (blogs/social media/online trainings, etc.) is widespread and growing. So, I don’t want to minimize the fact that what I have access to today is the same as what my mom had access to 40 years ago. And, I’m grateful for the shoulders I stand on that allow me to have new possibilities within arm’s reach.

I discovered a quote in college that helped me understand these eye-blinking, head shaking, WTW moments I experience so often. And, it has proven itself true a thousand times over.


For some reason, I remember it differently. I remember it going something like this, “Once the mind has been stretched by a new idea, it can never return to it’s original size.”

(Totally the same thing, right? But, I like the version I remember better. Can you tell I’m a MSG Bible version kind of girl? Give it to me plain!)

The debt payoff is going to be a game-changer for us. We’re so used to our checks being instantly swallowed up. So, that’s exciting.

But, I’m equally (if not more) in wonderment about the mental chains Travis and I are breaking…not only in our minds, but in the minds of those who are watching AND the chains that will never form for those who are too young to know they ever existed.

If you’re on a financial peace journey like we are, check out Make It Rain: Finance Resurrection. It’s 30 days of tips, tools, resources, and personal challenges to help you turn your financial situation around.

Before you go, don’t forget to like, share & comment! I really feel blessed to share my life with you! I hope that, like God’s Word, I am a light on your journey to becoming the woman God created you to be.

Woman, Live!

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