Why Are You In The Game?



Yesterday, I had the honor of being a presenter at Long Branch Baptist Church’s Women’s Day Empowerment Workshop. My session was entitled The Power to Go. 

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Based on interaction, nodding of heads & feedback from the chair, the women thoroughly enjoyed my presentation and delivery. To God be all the glory and all the praise!

Of all the things I said in my 25 minutes, I hope one question will stick with them for years. And, that is,

“So, why are you in the game?”

I didn’t find a lot of NBA fans in the audience. And, the ones I did find were Golden State Warriors fans. Sigh. Rest assure I reminded them who the King was. But, I also talked about one of my other favorite players. His name is Kyle Korver.

When Kyle Korver comes in the game, he has one job. Knock down the 3. He’s not there to dunk. He’s not there to lay it up. He’s there to hit some of the nastiest quick-release 3’s you’ve ever seen.

Just like Kyle Korver’s coach decides when to put Kyle in the game, God looked at eternity and decided that world needed you. So, he placed you in your mother’s womb for such a time as this.

Do you know why you were put in the game?

If you feel unsure, click here to listen to a free audio recording called 7 Reasons You Haven’t Identified Your Purpose.

If you know that you know that you know, then my follow-up question is what are you doing in off-season?

You’ve been chosen because you have a winning skill that you must perform with intensity. And, when you’re not performing it, you must be sharpening it.

Kyle Korver is serious about his physical fitness.

He gives much credit for his improved shooting to a Santa Monica sports science lab named P3 that pinpointed crucial muscles in his body that were either being neglected or were weakened. Now, before each game, Korver goes through a checklist of plyometric drills using bands to strengthen his core and legs, the necessary lift-off mechanisms that aid his jumper.

(read complete article here)

No matter how good he is, he’s always working to become better. The man does 5k relays while carrying 70 lb. rocks….underwater

As an aspiring world’s most influential leaders in the field of personal development, I love to “spy” on Brendon Burchard. There’s so much I love about him and one of those things happens to be how open he is. Speaking may look easy, but if you want to be above average there’s a lot of mental and physical preparation involved.

Before he writes his speech, he:

  • Researches the audience by asking the promoter(s) a series of questions such as:
    • Who’s there?
    • Is attendance mandatory?
    • Tell me about your favorite speaker.
    • Tell me about the worst speaker. about their favorite speaker
  • Researches material/lessons he wants to share:
    • What are the current trends?
    • What are some stories of people who have been there/done that?
    • What personal stories can he incorporate?
  • Develops the rhythm of the speech
    • How does he want it to feel?
    • When does he want them to laugh?
    • When does he want them to feel connected to one another?
    • When does he want them to want to jump up and take action?

The morning of, he:

  • Opens up his lungs with a stretching routine/cardio session
  • Visualizes a standing ovation
  • Engages in lots of body movement backstage
  • Rids himself of jitters by taking the focus off of himself and thinking about how he will serve his audience and finally,
  • Trusts himself to deliver

That’s a lot more than thinking about the topic, writing a speech, waking up the morning off, having a cup of coffee, and showing up.

Chances are you’re good at what you do and have achieved a modicum of success. But, if you want to be extraordinary at your craft, you’re going to have to do more than the average Jane.

And, most of it will probably require a new level of self-discipline.

Your homework this week is to research who’s in the top 10% of your field. And, then learn everything you can about what they did to get where they are.

Don’t forget to share what you find out in the comments below! And, if you’re still struggling to figure out what your one job is, I’ve created The Vision Series to help you.

Woman, Live!


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