Feeling Drained While Chasing Your Dream? Read This.

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I was going to start my morning right. Which meant a healthy breakfast, reading my Bible,  brain dumping into my journal, opening up my business notebook and getting to work. But, I knew the reading my Bible part was really a formality. I usually pacify myself with, “I’ll do it after x,” or I open up Bible Gateway, read the scripture of the day and call it good. Anything but stop and read. This morning, I just felt like what the heck. He knows anyway. So, I finally said it.

I don’t want to read the Bible.

I didn’t say it out loud, just in my mind. But, just allowing myself to think it was so freeing. I felt released from that “Reading the Bible is a priority,” lie I had been force-feeding myself. And, in that moment of honesty with myself and God, I heard myself say,  what’s going on, Brandi? Why are you more excited to jump into a personal/business development article than my Word? And, like all geniuses, I responded to myselfout loud. I said, in a heartbreaking, but I’m going to stand in my truth tone, “Because reading the Word isn’t going to catapult me forward.” And, I again, I heard, It isn’t to catapult you. It’s to sustain you. And, then, I was standing still in my living room with the wow emoji face like, “That’s good!”

What lie have you been telling yourself?

When I wake up, I have things to do. There’s the mandatory stuff like putting on clothes, brushing my teeth, getting my kids to school, clocking in at work. And, then there’s things that I must fit in if I want my life to be more than putting on my clothes, brushing my teeth, getting my kids to school and clocking in at work. In the 30 minutes it takes me to read about David moving the Ark, I could have learned how to re-organize my bathroom, checked 2 things off my to-do list or got 30 more minutes of sleep.

But, what I failed to realize is that the Word is Bread. And, I’ve become good at ignoring my spirit’s hunger pangs.

Is reading the Word going to teach my how to properly run a Facebook Ad, grow my readership, and sell out an event? Not exactly.

But, when my fear tempts me to keep my gift to myself, the Word reminds me that I was born to serve others. When the world tells me to cut my sister off at the knees, the Word reminds me that “whenever you’re trying to look better than others or get the better of others, things fall apart and everyone ends up at the others’ throats.” (James 3:14-16 MSG)

How is the Word shaping and molding you for your calling?

I know a few ways. When you feel “I’m all I got” the Lord reminds you that He is your refuge, your strength, your hope and your joy. When the world keeps replaying your mistake, God reminds you that there’s nothing you can do to forfeit the gifts He’s given you.

The Word reminds me that rest is important when entrepreneurial influencers tell me I can sleep when I die. It reminds me not to rely on what I see with my human eye and to keep believing for and walking toward what God has told me when my family asks why I can’t be happy with a “regular” job.

It makes us kinder. It builds determination. It empowers us to set boundaries. And, it helps us to see further than what’s in our immediate view.

There’s a lot on our shoulders, Sis. You and I have made a decision to get off the sideline and get into the game. We’re not praying and relaxing. We’re daily showing up and consistently becoming who God created us to be. But, don’t forget to eat, Babe. Don’t get so focused on the game, you become used to running with 10 lbs. of negativity around your ankles. Just like you can’t master your craft neglecting your water, a good night’s rest, and the proper garment, you can’t be the best you without allowing the Word to teach, correct, guide and comfort you. You can succeed without God, but exhaustion, loneliness, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, insecurity, and low self-esteem will be your companions. They are all symptoms of a malnourished spirit.

We spend 30 mins. to an hour every morning brushing our hair, ironing our clothes, making sure our coat matches our boots and gloves. That’s all external. So, what about the internal? Let’s read our Word and allow it to dull that tongue a little. Let the Word drown your anxiety and increase your God-confidence. His word will replace your chaos with peace. You’ll smile at that pile of unmatched socks and give praise for warm feet instead of scold yourself for not completing yet another task. There is a building up that comes with reading the Word of God. Likewise, there’s a deficiency when we neglect it.

The choice is yours.

When I woke up today, my phone said, I choose to be happy. (If you like starting the day with positive thoughts, download My Affirmations app.)

Everything is a choice. And, no one’s going to force you to choose one path over another. But, the fruit never lies. The people in your circle – fruit. Your health – fruit. Your conversation – fruit. Your relationships – fruit. Your appearance – fruit. The condition of your belongings – fruit. 

You have to decide. Who do I want to be? What is required to achieve it? What is needed to sustain it?

If I’ve learned anything, it’s the power of a PMA – positive mental attitude. Your perception is based on the things you tell yourself. When you wake up telling yourself that God fights for you, He’s your strength and He’s limitless, and He honors a mustard seed size faith, does that not cause you to walk into the day a little taller?

My homey, my friend, and mentor (speaking it honey, speaking it!) Brendan Burchard’s pre-conference routine is WOW! He does more things to prepare his mind, body, and spirit for a conference than I do in 12 months. Just trucking along…allowing life to plan my days, weeks, and months. He doesn’t take for granted his gifts. He’s consistently honing them, taking himself to the next level, making sure he’s 100% for his audience.

We talk about haters and naysayers, but what about us refusing to do what gives us the strength to stay in the race?

I don’t want to see you winning in your career and barely making in the other aspects of your life. I don’t want to see you rolling in the dough while depressed and unfulfilled at home. You can have it all. Your health, wealth, dope friendships, a supportive and loving family dynamic, a belly-shaking, face-aching laugh, a beautiful friendship with God…there is no limit to your greatness.

Walk in it.

And, keep your guide (the Word) dog-eared and tightly tucked underneath your arm to sustain you as your walk your God-ordained journey.

Woman, Live!

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