The Pre-Set: To Set In Advance


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Hey Sis!

We’re starting a new series called The Pre-Set this upcoming week. The Pre-Set is about conditioning. So often we set goals and jump right in only to realize we’re the same person who quit last week. Same behaviors. Same hesitations. Same mindset. We crawl back to our feet, happy to reunite with what familiar surroundings only to realize we’re still “barely breathing and calling it a life”.

We get a dose of inspiration and jump back in again to repeat the self-defeating pattern all over again.

This time we’re going to fix our mindset, shift our paradigms, and acquire the proper tools in advance. It doesn’t mean you can’t start now, but it does eliminate procrastination.

The Pre-Set is about becoming the person who achieves the success now instead of thinking you’ll magically possess all of the characteristics of a leader later.

So, guess what!

In this series, you will hear from 12 women who each have a tool for your success toolbox. I have a guest speaker lined up for every month of 2019. You’re gonna need a pen & paper. Just saying!

We’re doing work this year! And, we’re going to showcase our progress at the one and only LifeCheck.

Are you ready to make this year the last year you say, “Next Year…”

Let’s get this pre-set, Sis!

Click here to register! (And, don’t forget to share w/ your sister friends!)

Love you!



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