Do This To Level Up (Especially If You’re Broke)

Whenever you attempt to level up, the first thing that becomes blaringly clear is how little time & money you have. 

Am I right? 

I know, Sis. 

Well, guess who’s got good news for you? Yep, ME!! 

Just sit tight (and keep reading). 

First, I’m going to introduce you to one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard. I’m not going to lay out his whole bio, but I am going to advise you to listen to his podcast The Charged Life during your commutes and breaks. They’re short and packed full of insight. Brendon’s information is more helpful to me because he talks about the days before he became success. He jokes about being a 20 year overnight success and he loves telling you how he overcame physical injuries, heartache, depression, and being broke. 

When he was at his lowest, he asked himself, “What skillset am I going to have to develop to a) make more money or b) get a new job?”

Your turn. 

1. What’s your industry? Or, what’s the industry you want to transition into? If you’re unsure, click here to take a free career assessment. 

I got an 85% match for social care (i.e., psychologist, social worker, career advisor), an 84% match for business & management (i.e., business development executive, human resource manager) and an 84% match for teaching & education. 

2. What are jobs within your industry that interests you? 

If you aren’t sure which profession suits you best, Google & LinkedIn are going to be your best friends. It’s easy to see what a workday looks like for almost any profession. And, a simple LinkedIn search will show you who has experience in that profession. It could be someone you’re already connected to. Or, someone who’s connected to someone you’re already connected to. This article tells you how to connect without with strangers without appearing creepy.  

You already know that coaching, public speaking & corporate training is what I want to do full-time so my industry matches were spot-on. 

2. What skills are important in your industry? 

The next step is to do a quick Google search for skill sets that are valuable to that profession. For me, polishing my public speaking, presentation & teaching skills is important. Not to mention coaching, active listening, and product creation.

3. What certifications will allow you to stand out? 

This part is easy. Hey Google! There are a lot of certifications & credentials out there so do your research and talk to someone in your profession to see what they require and recommend. 

Once I determined I wanted to a lifelong career in coaching (back in 2012), one of the first professional coaches I followed was Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman. She went on to become certified as an executive & professional coach through the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CAPP) Institute headed up by coach & best selling author Valorie Burton. This was my first introduction to Valorie and I haven’t stopped hearing about her since. 

Her book Successful Women Think Differently was recommended reading for a grant I worked for in Guam. And, I said then, when I return to the mainland, I’m going to attend one of her trainings. Last winter, I attended her 3 day coach training intensive. And, at the beginning of July, I’ll begin a 6 month program to become a certified executive & professional coach. My family and I have been cheesing & squealing every since I got my welcome letter! 

Leveling up is so important because that hamster wheel is a dream killer. The endless go to work, come home, make dinner, connect with the kids & hubby, prepare for tomorrow, wake up, go to work is so uninspiring & draining. Once my kids are in bed, I want to turn my brain off, curl up on the couch with reality TV & some dessert. But, zoning out keeps us on the wheel. 

Pulling out my bullet journal and taking notes on stage presence or perfecting a sales call allows me to exhale. So, although it is work, it’s work that makes me feel alive. 

Find your industry & professional and deep dive into learning everything you can. If time is your objection, dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to your professional development. Everybody has 30 minutes. And, if money is your objection, how does free 99 sound? 

You can find training on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Udemy, Pinterest & a whole host of podcasts. But, my new favorite training platform is Skillshare. 

Skillshare has over 28,000 classes by reputable experts. And, for a limited time, they’re offering 2 months free!! When you use my personal share link, I get an additional month for free. You know I’m on the path to debt freedom! That’s a win-win, Sis! 

My one warning is to not go training crazy like I did. Pick a few trainings that stand out to you, pull our your planner & put them in appropriate time slots. 

I can’t wait to see you update your LinkedIn with your new skills & credentials. 

See you at the top, 


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