How We Prepared for Our 3 Day Family Beach Vacay to Grande Shores Ocean Resort

Being unprepared drives me nuts! Let’s start there.

So, when my bro-in-law said he wanted to celebrate getting his Bachelor’s degree with a family vacay to Myrtle Beach, I began making my checklist.

By the time we were browsing hotels, my in-laws had already booked an ocean front room at the Grande Shores Ocean Resort. Their room had 1 master suite with a king-size bed, 2 queen-size beds & a sleeper sofa . We followed suit, booking an ocean front room with 1 master suite with a king-size bed, 1 queen-size bed & a sleeper sofa. We requested to be near one another, but they were unable to meet that request and we ended up on different floors & opposite ends of the hotel. Ah well.

Checking-in was a bit of a hassel as the front desk is located in middle of the hotel and not (easily) accessible from the parking garage elevators. Not to mention, our day had started at 7AM and we arrived at our hotel around 5PM. So, searching for the front desk was not a challenge we were up for. Thankfully, my sister-in-law had already checked us in and had our keys. And, the easy parking, plethora of luggage carts & quick elevator ride to our room was nice, too.

The first thing we always check-out is the balcony. The trip hasn’t started until we’ve seen, heard & smelled the ocean. Our balcony extended the width of the living room & master suite equipped with a table, chairs & loungers. My husband even snuck in a nap one afternoon. And, now I’m planning my balcony nap for the next trip. After playing in the ocean, a shower, lounge wear & a good book that turns into a balcony snooze is everything!

Back to the room…

Jacuzzi tub. Washer/Dryer. (Why leave with a luggage full of wet, dirty clothes when you can do a couple loads of laundry, pack it up, and put it away when you get home?) Clean full kitchen. 2 bathrooms. Storage closet. And, my 2 must-haves: laundry bags & an ample amount of towels & toiletries.

That first day, I knew that no matter what, the girls and I were going for a walk on the beach. After a late dinner, we made our way to the beach along a well-lit path. Somehow, the plan to get our feet wet turned into calves, the knees, and by the time it was all over my 3 year old only had on a tee-shirt & panties, and my oldest daughter & nephew were soaked from the neck down.

The next morning, my mom-in-law cooked a breakfast pizza that my taste buds are reminiscing about right now. The kitchen was fully loaded with pots, pans, plates, bowls, utensils, and tiny salt & pepper shakers. We saved money by only leaving the hotel for dinner.

The beach, lazy river and indoor/outdoor pools & hot tubs kept us plenty busy. After dinner, we pulled out the deck of cards & board games.

As far as housekeeping was concerned, we really didn’t utilize them much which means they did a great job of keeping the room well-stocked and clean. When I have to request my trash to be taken out..ugh! So, they get an A+ on that one. And, shout-out to the front desk clerk who let me use her personal non-dairy coffee creamer. I appreciate you, Sis.

Wanting to have one more day in the ocean, our in-laws extended their stay until 5PM for 1/2 the cost of one full day’s stay. We chose their room because it had more space. (So, if you’re taking a pack ‘n’ play for a small child, I’d ask for the larger room.)

At the beginning of this post, I said:

Being unprepared drives me nuts!

The older I get, the more preparation rises to the top of my list of priorities. For example, I purchased a wireless charging phone docking station before our road trip to Oklahoma. No looking down, fidgeting with the GPS & music, answering calls. Functionality is king in my book.

So, making sure we have everything we need makes me feel like a good wife & mom. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to leave the house without any clothes for your oldest daughter. Nope, we’re not talking about perfection & self-loathing. That’s what Walmart is for. But, making a checklist with everything you could possibly need while at the beach is a great way to vacay (and save money). Click here to access my editable beach checklist to make sure that you and your family are prepared for your next beach getaway.

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