I Voted For Me {Results}

Last Sunday, I told you that I was casting a vote for (or behaving in a way that supports) who I aspire to be. Here are the results: 

  • Physically fit (workout once per day 6 days/week revised: lose 2 lbs.)

    I revised this goal to lose 2 lbs. because I realized working out 6 days/week is not what I really want. Working out 6 days a week is sexy. It’s admirable. And, maybe one day I’ll workout because I enjoy it. But, at this time, my true goal is to lose weight & tone up. If I could do that by simply eating right, I’d do it. If I could do it by working out one day/week, I’d do that. But, as trial & error has proven, I need to workout and eat right regularly. 

    Often times, we set to goals that aren’t important to us because we think that’s they only way we’ll achieve our true goal. Revising my goal from working out 6 days/week to lose 2 lbs. helped me 1) not beat myself up if I didn’t get in a “good” workout 2) made me more aware of my food choices. I didn’t workout 6 days this past week and I lost 4 lbs. So, as you make your goals, ask yourself what do I really want? 

  • Powerful coach for (bold) millennial moms (create a valuable opt-in for Brandi Hawthorne Coaching mailing list)

    The good news is I know what my opt-in is going to be. The bad news is I didn’t actually make a plan of attacked. I just wrote it down & hoped it would come to pass.

    So, this week, I’m working on my opt-in for 1 hour/day. And, it will go live on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd.

  • Organized wife/mom (prepare the night before)

    We were temporarily reduced to one car this week so I was forced to improve. But, hey, it’s still a win. Usually I’m in charge of the morning carpool, but this week, we all rode together. And, I loved it. It gave us some nice bonding time in the mornings & evenings. We woke up early enough for the children to eat in the house (Travis hates when I pack breakfast-to-go). All edges were brushed at home. And, Travis & I only bought lunch twice. This week, I plan to make that zero. 

    What helped (besides having to share one car) was: 

    1. Making enough dinner to put leftovers in 2 lunch containers. 
    2. Eating healthier. Stuffing a Halo & bottled water in my purse. 
    3. Thinking of what needed to happen the next morning the night before. 
    4. Waking the kids 15 mins. earlier. 

    To help with this, today I created a Hawthorne Family Standards document that I printed & put by the front door.  Document #1 is my commitment to lose 2 lbs./week. Document #2 is a “Before we walk out the house” checklist. Document #3 is a list of morning standards. And, document #4 is a list of nightly standards. 

  • Present & hopeful (10PM bedtime/morning me time)
My 10PM bedtime did not happen. In fact, I think the excitement of being in alignment with who I say I want to be kept me up later. And, I certainly didn’t wake up early.
I’m naturally a night owl, so this week I’m going to attempt to flip it. Do work in the morning & go to be earlier at night. I haven’t decided if this is what I truly want or if it’s another admirable, “all the successful people do it” goal. So, I’ll let you know. 

Now, I’m going to do something that’s alien-like. I’m not setting any new goals this week. I’m going to continue to fine-tune these evergreen goals until they become habitual. And, for those goals with a deadline, I’m going to resist the temptation to work on the low-hanging fruit aka easy tasks that threaten to distract me. I can’t wait to share my millennial mom coaching opt-in with you! 

So, do me a favor: 

1. If you’re not already a member of the Woman, Live! tribe (meaning, you don’t receive our emails), do yourself a favor & join now

2. If you know anyone who will benefit from reading this blog post and/or being a part of this tribe, please share! 

3. If you’re ready to do some work, answer these following questions in the comments (or send me a email):

What’s your #1 goal this week? 
What is your plan for achieving it? 
If you’ve attempted to achieve this goal before, what’s held you back from attaining it in the past?
How can I support you? 

I love watching you grow!

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