The Beginning of Year 7 (Anniversary Recap)

As I sit and try to figure out what I can share with you for the benefit of your marriage, I find myself drawing a blank because year 6 was a trying year for us. But, there's always a lesson so I'm going to dig deep.


Why I Feel Pretty Is Entering My “I Got This” Arsenal

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my¬†disclosure policy¬†for more information. The Woman, Live! Greenville meet-up was gifted free passes to watch the screening of I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer & an actor/comedian from my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, Rory Scovel. Look at us! Getting free tickets and stuff! I was beyond …

Call It By It’s Name

I've been struggling, y'all. Head falling forward while reading, sad pity parties, and threatening to give it all up. Watching my husband's mouth turn downward and eyebrows furrow in confusion when I said, "It's too much," only made me feel more pathetic than I already felt. "Take a break," he and my sister suggested. "How?!" …