Why Travis Cringes When He Passes My Old Job

No matter how you slice it, our very next step isn't sexy. It's a phase full of compromise and sacrifices. It's a phase of dinner with Daddy. It's a phase of overtime. It's a phase of we want _____ but we want financial freedom more. And, no matter how much we'd like to side-step it, it's not going anywhere. It's the key to our freedom. And, if I had continued to believe that the next step had to bring significance, prestige, and all those other things...I would have missed the answer to our prayer.

Want A Job You Love Making More Money?

Last week, the #QOTD was: If your business, work & career were ideal in every way, what would they look like? The responses were: Creating content 10 hrs./week & waking up to paid invoices A career as a blogger A career as a school counselor or speech pathologist I asked a couple probing questions to …