Brandi Inspired My Clients To Hope Again

I am a Family Advocate for a domestic violence shelter. I reached out to Brandi because I wanted someone who could offer hope to my clients, who oftentimes do not have hope because they cannot see past their current situation. Not only did Brandi inspire my clients to hope again, she truly touched their hearts. She left a long-lasting effect and my clients speak very highly of her. Brandi’s visit to the shelter was two-fold. First, she spoke with the ladies and gave a moving and encouraging speech. She was transparent with the ladies and her openness made them comfortable enough to speak freely about their struggles. Brandi offered genuine encouragement and hope to the clients. The second part of her visit was a Vision Board Party. The ladies loved putting their vision to poster board and many of the ladies have their vision boards hanging in their rooms and around the shelter. I would recommend Brandi to anyone. She has a warmth about her that you can instantly feel. She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future.

-Shawneequa Thompson